I got an old Fuji X10

So i got an old 2011 Fuji X10 used from Amazon. After several days looking for a budget compact camera and talking a lot with a friend who just got an X10 I decided to go for it. For $245 it was a bargain for such a beautiful and well built camera. This is just a small review of it and my personal opinion on it vs a phone camera.

The seller listed it as new and this is how it arrived, almost perfect condition in it’s original box:

After just around 3 days of having it with me I can really say I’m glad I got it. Of course you could say a phone can make photos and it’s always with you, but in the end you don’t have the feeling and control of a real camera. Just by having the opportunity to think and decide your exposure, aperture and ISO in a physical way is amazing, I can really say I’m enjoying taking photos every day now, something I haven’t felt in years of carrying my phone in my pocket. Carrying a DSLR with a lot of lenses and gear is just a pain in the ass if you just want to have a nice camera with you everyday, at every moment.

Since I’m not a full time photographer I don’t get to shoot every week or every day for clients or myself and it’s always good to be constant so you keep on learning and developing skills, it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been doing photos. Having this camera with me makes me just think more on the photo, not just pull out my phone and press the screen. Iv’e tried “pro” apps but it’s still not the same

This is the first non Canon camera for me in years (around 8 to be exact) so I’m still learning Fuji’s menu and functionality logic. I know the camera has quite a lot of settings for a compact but I’m sticking with shooting RAW files on manual and don’t complain much about everything else, I just want to enjoy taking photos.

I’m not going for a technical review since it’s a really old camera and the specs are quite outdated but here’s my list of some pros and cons:


  • Good low light results: It’s not a 5D or such but the 2.0 – 2.8 aperture does wonders shooting at ISOs around 2500-3200, it produces quite usable pictures
  • Build quality and design: It’s an amazing solid feeling, sometimes I forget it’s just a compact camera
  • Size: ultra portable, can’t be carried in the jeans pocket but still it’s quite small
  • Start up time and Manual Zooom: Just rotate the lens and it’s ready to shoot, keep rotating and you’re zooming


  • Awful battery life: I just order 2 Wasabi replacement batteries, you can’t make it with one during the day
  • Selecting RAW format after the firmware update is kinda hidden in the menu, you can’t do it in the image size menu
  • The viewfinder is useless, it’s just there as an esthetic element

I guess I’ll keep using this camera for some time and save up to get an X100F in the feature